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Standard Treatment includes a deep cleaning of the upper, mids and laces.

We use natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products that will make your kicks look new!

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Premium Treatment includes a deep cleaning the upper, mids, laces, outsole, and inner lining.

The amount of dirt, sweat, and overall wear affect the shoe's performance and durability. If getting a Sneaker Treatment (shoe cleaning) keeps them updated and active for two (to three times) as long, it's more than worth it.

Let's prepare your kicks for the weekend with our 3-day turnaround time!

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Do you need your clean kicks back FAST?

We have the Same Day option for you. Same Day Treatment Includes deep cleaning of the upper, mids, laces, outsole, and inner lining.

* 8 to 24 hour turn around time (must be dropped of by 11a)

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Need your soles restored to that ICY white? We've got you, friends.

As the clear soles oxidize (meaning combine with oxygen), a chemical reaction ignites, which causes the soles to change color. Due to daily use, the soles also get dirty. As the dirt combines with continuous oxidation, the soles will begin to brown. With that said, don't wait until the soles are brownish-yellow to get them "Iced."

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clean kicks | Columbus OH

We’re for sneakerheads like you!

Using all-natural ingredients, clean kicks is Columbus’ #1 Premium Sneaker Service.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    No harsh chemicals and old-fashioned elbow grease.

  • Offer 3 Treatments

    We offer three treatments including Standard, Premium, and Same Day.

  • Same Day & Delivery

    We provide same-day, as well as pickup & delivery.

  • 5-Star Google Reviews

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