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If you're using shoes for running, working out, or other athletic ventures, we suggest a Premium Treatment shoe cleaning more often. The amount of dirt, sweat and overall wear have an effect on the shoe's performance and durability. Some may argue that paying $50 bi-monthly on a $200 pair of shoes to be cleaned is pointless. We disagree for a couple reason. You may not be able to find those specific kicks again and If getting a Sneaker Treatment shoe cleaning keeps them updated and active for two (to three times) as long, it's more than worth it.

  • 12 Standard or Premium Treatment shoe cleanings ($80 to  $100 Savings)
  • We use natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • 5 day turn around time
  • Third party shipping time not included
  • *ONE YEAR (from purchase date) TO USE* 
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We’re for sneakerheads, trendy hipsters, cool parents who like their kicks fresh.

100% Natural Cleaning Products

We use natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

3-day turn around time

* Prices subject to change

* Third party shipping time not included

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our reviews speak for themselves!

Dontate Your Old Kicks

Have some kicks you'd like to donate? We've partnered with Compassions Way, a non-profit organization working to empower and inspire hope to the homeless and underprivileged communities, located in Columbus Ohio.

We'll give your kicks a Standard Treatment and ensure they're delivered to a person in need.

To donate your kicks, schedule a pick up or delivery by calling 614.641.5558 or email us at




Brian was amazing! I gave him a challenge with my Jordan CP3.X and he knocked it out the park! Super friendly and professional. I highly recommend!!

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"I needed some shoes clean that I've had about 3 years. Went to clean kicks and they did there thing. Shoes looked like new. All I can say is thanks 🙏🏿"

new balance shoe cleaning

"You love your shoes??? Treat them to a shoe spa with Clean Kicks."

"Dropped off a pair of Jordan golf shoes for a 24 hr turnaround and I was completely amazed of the quality of the service."