Let's be real. It's no secret that sneakerheads take every detail of their kicks very seriously; especially the cleanliness. The smallest scuff will make the average shoe fanatic just about lose their mind. We've all been there, right? Countless hours trying to get the stain out of a fresh pair of Air Force 1's, SB Dunks, Jordan V's (our personal favorite), Air Max's or Yeezy's. We get it, friends. We get it.

clean kicks founder, Brian Penn (aka B.), has been a self-proclaimed sneakerhead since his adolescent years. Along with that, he's always had a passion for bringing his kicks "back to life." Most weekends you could find him locked in the house cleanin' kicks. Even today, most of his sneaker collection consists of outdated kicks you can't find anymore. He just keeps 'em super clean.  

clean kicks is his way of blending his love of the sneaker community with his nostalgic joy of makin' sure his kicks are always clean.