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Air Jordan Shoe Cleaning. Just Do It!

What's good, sneakerheads? It's been quite some time since we posted a blog, and for that, we're sorry. We've been busy executing sneaker cleanings, custom paint jobs, and shoe restorations galore. The good news is we've seen over 500 pairs of shoes come through 'The Shop' since launching in June of 2020. The better news is we've seen more Nike Air Jordans than any other shoe… and it's not even close. We're cleaning and performing Air Jordan shoe restorations all the time. Is the amount of Air Jordans out in the market or the quality of the shoe that requires them to be cleaned and restored? We say BOTH.

Air Jordan is still a trendsetter.

They've been droppin' (damn near annually) since 1985; thus, there are over 35 different styles, thousands if you include the various color waves that are released weekly. Each variation comprises its design and materials to ensure its differentiation from the next. Some are 100% "leather," while others are a blend of suede, leather, and more. Some have clear soles that oxidize over time and turn yellowish brown. We provide Ice Sole Restoration service to bring 'em back to life. 

Air Jordan Limited Editions (such as the Travis Scott "Cactus Jacks") have pockets and buttons. The Off White X Air Jordan 5 SP Sail is comprised of more than 5 (or more) different materials, making the cleaning/restoration process extremely tedious. Long story short, countless styles of Air Jordan require vastly different shoe cleaning techniques to ensure their value doesn't diminish during the restoration process (i.e., creasing, tearing, discoloration, etc.). That's where clean kicks comes in.

How do we get your Air Jordan's so clean?

That's a great question, friends. We can tell you that our "secret sauce" is a phenomenal start. Besides that, we use an extensive amount of tools (i.e., microfiber cloths, Q-Tips, toothbrushes, etc.), a great deal of time/effort, and tons of love to get 'em back to lookin' "fresh out of the box." We know how important your kicks are to you, and we treat 'em like they're our very own. We use 100% natural products, hand wash each pair and allow for an air dry process to prevent damage. 

As it pertains to an Air Jordan shoe restoration, there is no guaranteed "trick" we can share with you. Each pair is an anomaly and requires different methods than the ones before. We can tell you that if you don't know how to perform an Air Jordan shoe restoration properly, do not attempt it. That's our job, and we're here to help.

Air Jordan Shoe Restoration Tips

1. We recommend performing an Air Jordan shoe cleaning and restoration bi-monthly if you wear them regularly. (every three to six months, otherwise)

2. We recommend placing tape over letters and/or words along the midsole to ensure they aren't removed during the Air Jordan shoe cleaning and restoration process.

3. We do NOT recommend putting your Air Jordan shoes in the washing machine. If you choose to, utilizing bleach may create discoloration.

4. Machine washing the laces is perfectly fine. We suggest removing and soaking them before putting them through the washing cycle.

5. We do NOT recommend putting your Air Jordans (or any shoes for that matter) in the dryer. We suggest allowing your shoes to "air dry" naturally. 


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