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What is Ice Sole Restoration?

If you own a pair of Air Jordan's or Adidas Yeezy's, there's almost nothin' worse than seeing the clear soles start to yellow. We've heard it can be quite the downer, friends. Not only is it a serious eyesore, but it diminishes the value of the sneakers drastically and it's likely to get you teased at the barbershop when you stop in for a fresh fade. Most people don't know why the "yellowing" of the sole happens or how to fix it so they end up throwing out their kicks and buying a new pair. What if we told you the yellowish brown tint can be "sucked out" thanks to a little process called Ice Sole Restoration? 

Why do the soles turn yellow?

As the clear soles oxidize (meaning combine with oxygen), a chemical reaction ignites which causes the soles to change color. Due to daily use, the soles also get dirty. As the dirt combines with continuous oxidation, the soles will begin to brown. Once browning occurs, it's more difficult to restore the soles to their original color. It's not impossible, but it may cost you more time and money. With that said, don't wait until the soles are brownish-yellow to get them "Iced."

We recommend an Ice Sole Restoration as you see the the soles start to yellow.

Can you restore the soles yourself?

Absolutely! Ice Sole Restoration isn't too difficult. It takes a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit, some UV rays, a specialized chemical (or two) and it's quite the tedious, timely task. It's also guaranteed to add some dollars to your electric bill, but there's plenty of YouTube videos, teaching people how to "Ice" soles. If you decide to try it, make sure you're watching authentic videos. Unfortunately, you can mess your kicks up pretty badly if it's not done slowly and correctly. Be careful.

Brace yourself. It may not work perfectly. 

Please understand Ice Sole Restoration may not bring your kicks back to 100% clear. It's all dependent upon where you live, how often you wear the kicks, how long they've been oxidizing and a plethora of other variables. It takes time so if you send your shoes to be restored, be patient and understand it's a process. They can only be "Iced" for so long at a time for it to work correctly. We highly suggest allowing a professional do it, but you're more than welcome to try. If you have any questions about Ice Sole Restoration, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help in any way we can. 

Schedule an Ice Sole Restoration today. Starting at $60.

 Air Jordan 5 Grey Wolf Suede Ice Sole Restoration (Before)     Air Jordan 5 Grey Wolf Suede Ice Sole Restoration (After)

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