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Boot Cleaning 101: What to Know.

We've got some "Breaking News" to share with you, friends. After months of inquiries from potential clients, we've done extensive research and learned the process of suede boot cleaning (i.e. Timberlands, Cole Haan, Aldo, etc.). We got tired of receiving calls, having to tell people "No. We can't do that." In true "clean kicks" fashion, we figured it out. It was quite the learning journey, but we feel good about it and we're ready to share some insight and tips to clean your suede boots.

Your suede boots are dirty. They're not ruined.

To be completely transparent, we were in the same boat as you. We'd get our Timbs dirty or wet and assume it was time to throw them away and get a new pair. That completely makes sense for a $150+ pair of boots, right? Naw. We don't think so either. We've always stated Timbs aren't made for the right weather season. They're a winter boot so they're supposed to be worn when it's potentially raining, snowing and/or cold, but that's not the best environmental temperature for them as they're suede and leather. With that said, we were wrong and what we've learned over the last few months is they're not necessarily ruined. They might just be dirty.

How do you clean you suede boots, you ask?

We can't give all the tips away as it pertains to suede boot cleaning, but we have a couple/few items below that will help you along the way. Of course, we highly recommend calling hiring a professional to clean 'em for you.. and we just happen know someone. 😜

1. Don't be too rough on your suede boots.

If you're planning to clean them yourselves, DO NOT use a rough (or thick) bristled brush as it will damage the suede to a capacity that it may not be able to be smoothed over and recovered, post treatment (suede boot cleaning). We learned that one the hard way. They'll need some TLC (Tender Lovin' Care), but too much aggressive scrubbing can cause permanent damage. Be careful.

2. Water is good. Too much water is a NO NO!

We don't suggest using an extensive much water when you clean your suede boots. The material may change color once it becomes oversaturated. They do (of course) need to get wet to be cleaned, but make sure they aren't soaked or submerged in water. It can become quite the disaster. We've been there.

3. Dry your suede boots naturally.

We recommend that you always "air dry" your suede boots. Placing them under a dryer or high temperature form of heat can discolor, alter, shrink and/or damage the suede material. Too much sunlight can have the same effect so be careful with your drying techniques.

4. call clean kicks.

Again, we're here and more than willing to assist in any way we can. Remember, the longer the stain(s) sit, the more difficult it will be to remove. If you have questions regarding suede boot cleaning, feel free to reach out and/or schedule an appointment. 

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