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Sneaker Cleaning 103: All Shoes Matter

We're back with another installment from our fabulous "Sneaker Cleaning" series. In earlier articles, we discussed the do's and don'ts of shoe cleaning. We received phenomenal feedback from clients, stating the articles really helped. So today, we're here to discuss the kicks themselves. Let's talk about it, homies.

There's an extensive amount of "over the counter" shoe cleaning kits you can purchase. They usually come with a soft bristle brush, a soap/cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth or two. There's a good chance they may even get some of your kicks clean. Air Jordan 1's or 3's? Sure, that could work. They're practically all leather and very easy to clean for the most part. With that said, there's no way that simple kit is gonna work on all our kicks. In terms, all shoes matter.

The Shoe Diagram. Let's break it down. 

Below is a shoe diagram of an Air Jordan 3. It details (almost) every part of a shoe. The upper, the tongue, they laces/eyelets, the toe box, the heel, the midsole and the outsole (sometimes called an under sole). When a client orders a Premium Sneaker Treatment from us, these are the parts of the shoe we clean along with the inner lining. Why did we post the diagram, you ask? Again, friends. All shoes matter. If every part of the shoe was made with the same materials, shoes would be easy to clean. Some soap and a cloth would completely suffice. Sadly, that's not the case.

Air Jordan 3 Shoe Diagram shoe cleaning Columbus Ohio

Every pair is different. They can't be "treated" the same.

Now that you know the breakdown of the shoe itself, let's take a deeper dive. Some uppers are canvas. Some are leather or suede. Some midsoles have a rougher texture, making it more difficult to clean than other midsoles. Sometimes, a soft bristle brush works. Other times, a tough bristle brush, a toothbrush, a q-tip or even a toothpick are necessary. Most kits don't come with all of these utensils and tools.

The heel area of some shoes are leather while others (like pictured above) are covered with a cloth type fabric. We could go on and on, people. In our humble opinion, no over the counter shoe cleaning kit has the ability to clean all of your kicks. Honestly, it's somewhat unrealistic to think that it would.. or should, even. Guess what, though. That's where we come in.

Call clean kicks. We'd love to help.

We're never here to toot our own horns, but before you try to clean your kicks yourselves, we highly recommend calling a professional. We've put in the the necessary amount of time along with having the tools and skillset(s) to ensure your kicks are pristine clean. Uppers to outsoles. Top to bottom, inside and out, clean kicks is here to help.

Our Standard, Premium and Same Day Sneaker Treatment(s) are 100% guaranteed. If we don't get your kicks clean (by our standard, and we're very particular), you don't pay. As opposed to trying to clean them yourselves and making them worse (which we've seen plenty of times), schedule an appointment or ship 'em to our front door. We'll take care of the rest, friends. It's really that simple.

Schedule a Sneaker Treatment today.  

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