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Sneakers: Pre-Owned vs Brand New

True, authentic "sneakerheads" know there's almost nothin' better than openin' up a box with a brand new pair of kicks in it. The original presentation along with the fresh scent of the sneaker is damn near unmatched. Come on. Tell us we're wrong. For years, we lined ourselves outside of our favorite sneaker stores in anticipation to be the 1st to cop the newest drops before they sell out. Oh, the good ol' days.

Of course, the modern day sneakerheads are shoppin' online (i.e. StockX, Goat, Flight Club, etc.) and battlin' the "bots" of the metaverse in hopes to get there before they're gone. Sneakerheads are somewhat "addicted" to buyin' new shoes. That's (low-key) what constitutes the term. By definition a sneakerhead is a "sneaker enthusiast." With that said, our take is simple. If you haven't waited in line (in the rain or freezing cold) to cop a pair of sneakers at least once, you're not an OG sneakerhead. HA!

Pre-owned shoe sales are on the rise.

Another wonderful trait of sneakereads is they take impeccable care of their shoe collections. Some of our favorite clients have well kept closets, dedicated to nothing but shoes. Others have showcases in their "man caves", displaying their favorite pairs. They take the game seriously, y'all. They really do. Interestingly, overtime they run out of space, get bored with some of their collection(s) and/or their significant other decides it's time to part ways with their childlike hobbies. Therefore, they decide it's time to sell some of their joints.

The buying, selling and trading of pre-owned shoes are at an all time high. Websites such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, OfferUp and other high profile online platforms are perfect for sneakerheads to do away with some of their collection. Not only does it give them an opportunity to make some money back, but it gives other sneakerheads (and shoe aficionados) a chance to cop a fresh pair of kicks... most times, at a discounted price. 

Heads up, homies. The pre-owned kicks may not be in perfect shape everytime. They may need a Premium Sneaker Treatment, a fresh paint job or updated laces, but as long as they're free of structural damage, you should be good to go. Make sure you have an open communication dialogue with the seller. If the sales transaction is done the right way (with honesty and integrity), it should be a "win-win" for all parties involved.

Watch out for the fake replicas, friends.

Of course, there's plenty of replica, fake shoes out there nowadays. Sadly, it can be very difficult to tell the difference. The more popular a sneaker becomes, the better the chances it's going to be inexpensively replicated. Websites such as DFGate offer a plethora of brand name shoe style for wholesale price. Of course, it's damn near impossible to believe you can get an authentic pair of Jordan 3's for $27, right? Yeah, we agree.

How do you know if your shoes are real or a knock off? Great question, peeps. The color way is one sure sign. A lot of times, the fake pair won't be the exact same color as the original. Stitching, logos (both style and placement), the box it comes in and the reviews from the seller are a few other ways to decipher if a shoe is a replica or the real deal.

clean kicks is here always here to help.

If you just bought a brand new pair of Adidas NMD's, you're gonna wear them and they're eventually gonna get dirty. Guess what. clean kicks is here to help. If you found a pair or Jordan 1's you've always wanted online, but they have a few stains and some a little bit of paint missin', clean kicks is here to help. Lastly, plenty of our clients are resellers and want their kicks in pristine condition so they can put them online. They send 'em to us from all over the country and we get 'em freshened up so YOU can get some dope "pre-owned" kicks. We cover the whole gambit, homies. clean kicks is here to help. 

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