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The Culture. It's More Than Shoes

Let's be real, sneakerheads. There's not many things that feel better than walking down the street and having a complete stranger compliment your shoe game. A close 2nd is rockin' a pair of kicks that damn near no one else has; at least in your immediate friend circle or metropolis surroundings. The love for the game is real. I mean, we could sit around talkin' about brands, styles, color schemes, release dates, and best shoe cleaning methods for days, right? Us sneakerheads take a few things very seriously. Authenticity, comprehension, and originality.

Love the game. Understand the game. Make the game yours. 

Complete vulnerability? I lie most times when people ask me where I got my sneakers from. Why, you ask? Simply because I don't want them walkin' around in the same pair of shoes as me. It's horrible, I know. Don't judge me, friends. The sneaker culture has done a number on me.... and I love it. With that said, the "culture" is based around much more than the love for shoes. The "culture" is the reason sneakerheads exist. Let's dive deeper.

The sneaker culture is deeply rooted, friends.

It's a lifestyle. It's a movement based around style, fashion, music, playful slang, confidence, and most importantly; community. It doesn't matter if you're from a high-end suburb or a low income neighborhood. It doesn't matter if the kicks in question are pre-owned or brand new (with that fresh smell) and out the box. The sneaker community, much like sports and entertainment, brings people together of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It's a worldwide common ground phenomenon and it continues to evolve by the day.

Customer Connection in Columbus, Ohio

I received an email through our company website a few weeks ago. It was a message from a gentleman who had just purchased a pair of pre-owned Jordan 5 Retro's online. He got home and noticed they had an ink pen blotch inside the air pocket. I know what you're thinkin'. OH NO! He was slightly irritated and somewhat erratic; understandably. He'd been wanting this particular pair of J's for quite some time. He expected them to be blemish free; especially for the $400 (or something crazy) he'd paid for them. He needed clean kicks' help.

Although I couldn't get his blemish out myself, I directed him to another local business who probably could. Not only did he appreciate my assistance, but we ended up talking on the phone about the sneaker culture for almost an hour. We discussed our backgrounds, our favorite brand and style or sneakers, our favorite bands and music artists, and more. It was a dope conversation and that's a perfect example of what the sneaker community represents. Two strangers choppin' it up and vibin' for an hour discussing what the culture means to them. It was beautiful.

The Sneaker Culture: It's More Than Shoes.

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