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Clean Your Own Kicks? DON’T!

Okay, friends. We’ve received an extensive amount of calls lately from potential clients stating their shoes got dirty, they “tried to clean them,” messed ‘em up worse, and want to know if we can fix ‘em.” The good news? There’s a fairly decent chance that our Standard or Premium Sneaker Treatment (shoe cleaning) may be able to save your kicks. The bad news? It may cost you more than it would’ve if you had never tried to clean ‘em. Why do you ask? Simply because our shoe cleaning process tends to become more complex when we have to correct accidental mistakes.

Make shoe cleaning easy on yourself.

We’ve created a simple 3-step “What to Do” process when your shoes get dirty. 

1. STOP! Don’t be a shoe cleaning hero.

Leave your shoes alone. The last thing we advise you to do is grab a dish towel along with the first “cleaning product” under the sink and attempt to clean your kicks. Unfortunately, the shoe cleaning kit you purchased from the mall seven years ago probably won’t work either.

Using household cleaning products for sneaker cleaning may cause creases, discoloration, stains, and/or blemishes to the exterior of the shoe. Don’t do it.

2. Don’t wait too long.

The longer the dirt stain remains on your shoes, the more difficult it will be to remove it. Some materials are easier than others, but they all need to be treated as quickly as possible for the best results. We don’t advise you to let them sit in the closet for months. Trust us; it’s not the move. 

3. Call clean kicks.

We suggest you schedule a Standard, Premium, or Same Day Sneaker Treatment. We’d love to help. We use 100% Natural Products, offer a 3 to 5 business day turnaround time, and we’re 100% customer satisfaction. Again, don’t use the first “cleaning product” you can find; we don’t advise using an over-the-counter shoe cleaning product.

Schedule a Sneaker Treatment (shoe cleaning) today. 

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